Evernote vs Apple Notes


Mac Stories has a nice rundown of the new Evernote 8 and how it compares to Apple's Notes:

Mac Stories:

Evernote's features have remained largely the same, but the implementation and organization of those features is greatly improved in version 8. The app doesn't feel bogged down by extra tools; rather than getting in the way of creating or viewing notes, Evernote's tools enhance those tasks.

I recently tried getting into One Note without much success. Evernote had gotten clunky and I felt like I was spending too much time manipulating the software than getting in and doing what I need to do. Version 8, however, is a nice upgrade. The controls and streamlined and I can capture, search, view, and modify notes much quicker. The key feature though that keeps me in Evernote over Apple Notes is the extensive use of notebooks and stacks and the ability to capture via camera. The notesbooks and stacks add complexity overhead, but still is helpful for me in finding and searching notes. The document capture is really slick with good quality auto-cropping.