Eisner Slams Jobs, Apple


Ex-Disney CEO Michael Eisner has fired a broadside at Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Apple for allegedly gobbling up all the profits in the digital media distribution business, CNBC reports.

"Steve Jobs, not the studios, is the one making money on digital distribution," Eisner said at the Media and Money conference.

Jobs is also Disney's largest individual shareholder, having sold his Pixar business to the company, gaining a large stake in Disney as a consequence.

"[The studios] make deals with Steve Jobs, who takes them to the cleaners," Disney's former CEO explained. "They make all these kinds of things, and who's making money? Apple! They should get a piece of Apple. If I was a union, I'd be striking up wherever he is," MacNN quotes Eisner as saying.

It is not the first time Eisner and Jobs have been known to engage in verbal sparring. Disney and Pixar severed their relationship under Eisner's watch, despite Jobs' studio taking responsibility for a significant proportion of Disney's movie profits in recent years.