Purported iPhone 8 model


Michael Kukielka (DetroitBorg) has a video showing a model of how the iPhone 8 is expected to look. The model was provided by Sonny Dickson, who in the past few years have proven to have reliable sources within Apple's supply chain. The model is reportedly being used by case makers to prep products for the next iPhone's launch.

I haven't paid much attention to all the renderings and rumors, but where getting into the final lap of the product cycle and this is a great demo. My first impression is I'm not that crazy about the look. I think the white bezel makes it look strange to me. Sort of like it has a cheap case on the phone. If there's model with a black bezel, I'll probably like that better. I don't like the iPhones with white faces because it's to me it's distracting and a stark contrast from the display. I prefer the more matte look.

We shall see...