Report: Apple negotiating 4K movie prices



While the talks have been ongoing for some time, discussions have been recently hampered by disagreements over the pricing of 4K movie purchases, according to sources close to the talks (via The Wall Street Journal). Apple wants to charge $19.99 for 4K movie purchases in its digital iTunes Store, the same price it currently charges for newly-released HD films.

However, many Hollywood studios it has talked with are pushing back on that price point and are looking to charge customers a premium for the new 4K content: $25 to $30 for a 4K movie in iTunes.

For entertainment companies, technology is seen as a well for new revenue streams. So, it's not surprising companies want a premium for 4K content. Apple, however, as a long established model of using content as a commodity to sell hardware.

We love iTunes movies for the kids. Whether through iTunes or digital codes with disks, we pretty much have amassed the Disney universe and then some.